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  1. We applied the scorecard to our work and had valuable discussions as a result.  The following comments apply to the supplemental questions:

    — Embeddedness of DEI into the Culture and Climate of the Organization: add a 5th element: pay differential

    –Training and Education: Include practical examples beyond training

    — Recruitment, Hiring, Retention and Promotion: include pay differential for bi-lingual, bi-cultural and cultural competency (move beyond languages spoken); create an atmosphere in the library that provides BIPOC staff with a comfortable way to share feedback and defines how feedback is received and acted upon.

    — Budget priorities for DEI – elements must move *beyond* collections and book purchases

    — Data Practices: should include elements for marketing, translation and engagement with communities served



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Source: https://acrl.ala.org/RacialEquityFramework/general-comments/