75th Anniversary Scholarship Recipient: Lauren Fralinger

As part of the celebration of ACRL’s 75th Anniversary, we’ve asked the ACRL 75th Anniversary scholarship recipients to describe the impact of attending the ACRL 2015 Conference on their professional life and/or their library.

Fralinger, LaurenLauren Fralinger is the Learning and Research Services Librarian at University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida.

“While I worked my way through graduate school and earning my MLS, I heard on many occasions a particular piece of advice repeated: ACRL is the best conference to attend. I hoped to get to ACRL conferences in 2013 and 2011, but due to the expense of being a graduate student, and then a recent graduate, I wasn’t quite able to scrounge up the money to make it. With the help of the Early Career Librarian Scholarship, I was finally able to make 2015 my year – and what a fantastic experience it was!

While attending ACRL, it felt like I could wander into any session and find something useful or new to learn, bring back with me to my library, and share with my colleagues. As a learning and research services librarian, I was most intrigued by the many sessions presented on the new ACRL Framework, its development, and implementation. As the 2015-2016 school year begins, I feel better suited and more knowledgeable about utilizing the Framework in my instruction sessions and structuring my teaching towards a particular set of goals and strategies.

I think, though, that my favorite moments were spent among my librarian colleagues, both listening to them speak in their presentations and conversing with them between sessions and during the scholarship breakfast. As a new librarian, I know few people outside of my home library, and hearing words of advice and encouragement from librarians across the country was invaluable as I establish myself in my profession.

I greatly look forward to attending ACRL 2017, a bit further along in my development as an academic librarian, and with no small thanks to the help I received finally reaching ACRL’s biennial conference.”