75th Anniversary Scholarship Recipient: Christopher Seay

As part of the celebration of ACRL’s 75th Anniversary, we’ve asked the ACRL 75th Anniversary scholarship recipients to describe the impact of attending the ACRL 2015 Conference on their professional life and/or their library.

D15_033_Library_Staff_Portraits Christopher_Seay, Library, staff

Christopher Seay is the Reference Librarian and Reference Coordinator at American University in Washington, D.C.

“ACRL 2015 was a great learning experience for me as a scholarship winner. I was able to attend only because of the scholarship, as my position isn’t allotted professional development funding.

Attendance in Portland allowed me to learn new and exciting teaching and reference techniques, see two colleagues present their research, and network with many library professionals I may have not met otherwise, and explore a beautiful city.

I look forward to putting the skills and theories I learned, especially in teaching, into practice this coming academic year. I think that ACRL conference scholarships are incredibly valuable as tools for librarians who may otherwise not be able to attend.

I will be attending every ACRL conference I can in the future and, when it is possible for me, be donating to help others attend their first conference. Thanks so much to all the donors!”