75th Anniversary Scholarship Donor: Lori Goetsch

Lori GoetschAs part of the celebration of ACRL’s 75th Anniversary, we’ve launched a fundraising campaign to fund 75 scholarships for ACRL 2015. Over the course of the campaign, we’ll profile the ACRL 75th Anniversary scholarship donors and learn why they chose to support to the campaign.

Lori Goetsch is dean of libraries at Kansas State University and served as ACRL President from 2009 to 2010. She is currently chair of the ACRL 2015 Conference Committee and has been a Friend of ACRL since 1998.

1. Describe yourself in three words: Busy, busy, busy!

2. Why do you support the 75th ACRL Anniversary scholarship campaign? I am a former ACRL President and am honored to be the ACRL 2015 Conference chair. The 75th Anniversary coincides with the Portland conference, and supporting scholarships is, to me, the perfect way to celebrate and acknowledge the association’s contributions to the professional development and education of academic librarians.

3. What might someone be surprised to know about you?  I’ve become addicted to Crossfit.

4. Since you’ve become a member of ACRL, tell us about someone who influenced you in some way. Gosh, there are so many but I would have to say Mary Ellen Davis, ACRL’s executive director. I admire her leadership qualities and have learned a lot from her about association management, a side of ACRL that we don’t always see but that affects us as members in many positive ways.

5. What do you hope ACRL will achieve in the next 75 years? Wow, that seems far away yet not so far away! A stable financial base including increased support from member donors; strong professional development activities that responsive and even anticipate changing member needs as our libraries continue to evolve; an increasing diversity of membership; an ACRL chapter on the moon?!

6. In your opinion, what is the most important work that ACRL does? The work of the association I value most is professional development and networking. ACRL has made me a better librarian and administrator (I think!).