What Would You Put in the ACRL 75th Anniversary Time Capsule?

Time capsule and recreated contents on display at Shadek-Fackenthal Library, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA

It’s 2040. ACRL members are gathered to open the ACRL 75th anniversary  time capsule. You are watching a live feed of the event on your iPhone 16. The first item is pulled from the time capsule.  It is a . . .

What would you put in the time capsule? The 1989 Oxford English Dictionary defines a time capsule as “a container used to store for posterity a selection of objects thought to be representative of life at a particular time.”

This is your invitation to suggest items to be placed in the ACRL 75th anniversary time capsule. The best items to put into a time capsule are things that will remind you of a specific time. Items can also recall a particular event. The business of predicting the future is a tricky one. But it’s almost as difficult to imagine what life was like in the past. Anything that captures the spirit of the present is a candidate. What is unique about ACRL? We need a mix of items from the sublime to the trivial related to ACRL.

To have your item considered for inclusion, send a description of the item, a photo and dimensions to the ACRL 75th Anniversary Celebration Task Force Chair Pamela Snelson at pamela.snelson@fandm.edu. If accepted you will need to provide the item to the ACRL Office no later than March 1, 2015.  It goes without saying that your item will not be returned.

The ACRL 75th anniversary time capsule and contents will be exhibited at ACRL 2015 and a dedication ceremony will take place at the 2015 ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco. ACRL will register the time capsule with the International Time Capsule Society, based at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia.