Meet the ACRL Presidents: Patricia Senn Breivik

Over the course of ACRL’s 75th anniversary celebration, we’ll highlight the association’s history by profiling our past presidents. Patricia Senn Breivik served as ACRL President from 1995-1996.Breivik

1. Three words to describe your ACRL presidency:  Changing, challenging and collaborative.  My election came right after a major planning endeavor.  With that as a foundation, ACRL leaders worked very hard to build on two fronts: streamlining planning and operational practices and positioning ACRL for broader leadership roles on campuses and throughout higher education.

2. What is your most enduring memory of your presidential year? The applause at the end of the ACRL President’s program!  People had been expecting poor attendance, because of the multi-session time commitment needed for completion of a three part leadership study/workshop.  The applause testified that our membership will respond positively to different programming formats if ACRL supplies the quality.

3. What are you most proud of accomplishing during your presidential year and why? I was most proud of the progress that was made in networking with other higher education organizations such as the regional accrediting agencies, the National Forum on Information Literacy; etc. It gave us a taste of what was possible when ACRL and other academic library groups see themselves as Leaders beyond library walls.

4. Any advice for future ACRL presidents? Collaboration is not a natural act, but it is a necessary one if academic library personnel are to be well positioned to offer the broad leadership roles for which they have so much to offer.