Meet the ACRL Presidents: Joyce Ball

Over the course of ACRL’s 75th anniversary celebration, we’ll highlight the association’s history by profiling our past presidents. Joyce Ball served as ACRL President from 1983-1984.Ball

1. Three words to describe your ACRL presidency: Challenging, satisfying, a growth experience.

2. What is your most enduring memory of your presidential year? It was an incredible experience to represent ACRL on the Department of Education’s Advisory Committee for Libraries and the Learning Society, making recommendations on how libraries could support the goals of the National Commission on Excellence in Education.

3. What are you most proud of accomplishing during your presidential year and why? I am proud of having been a good representative of librarians, and university librarians specifically, whenever called upon to do so.  I believe I was a good steward of the office and of the profession.

4. Any advice for future ACRL presidents? Be yourself–each president has a unique contribution to offer–some are innovators, some are inspirational, others are critics–use your own strengths.