Meet the ACRL Presidents: H. William Axford

Over the course of ACRL’s 75th anniversary celebration, we’ll highlight the association’s history by profiling our past presidents.Axford

H. William Axford (1925-1980) was the 37th President of ACRL, serving from 1974-1975. During that time he was also the University Librarian at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon. During his term, the Board voted to copyright issues of College & Research Libraries and College & Research Libraries News; approved a policy that the master’s degree in library science from an ALA accredited institution was the terminal degree for the library professions; and adopted new Standards for College Libraries, replacing the 1959 Standards.

Axford received his B.A. degree from Reed College in Portland, Oregon in 1950 and his MA degree in librarianship from the University of Denver in 1958. In 1963 he received a Fulbright lectureship at the University of Punjab in Pakistan and received his PhD in History from the University of Denver in 1969.  He published Gilpin County Gold in 1972. He has been frequently cited (and criticized) for his article “The Three Faces of Eve: or The Identity of Academic Librarianship” published in 1977 in The Journal of Academic Librarianship.