75th Anniversary Scholarship Donor: Kevin W. Merriman

As part of the celebration of ACRL’s 75th Anniversary, we’ve launched a fundraising campaign to fund 75 scholarships for ACRL 2015. Over the course of the campaign, we’ll profile the ACRL 75th Anniversary scholarship donors and learn why they chose to support to the campaign.Kevin Merriman

Kevin W. Merriman is head of collection management, Center for Science and Social Science Information at the University of New Orleans. He is a member of the ACRL Budget and Finance Committee (2012-2016) and serves on the Resources for College Libraries Editorial Board (2014-2016).

1. Describe yourself in three words: Aspiring University Librarian.

2. Why do you support the 75th ACRL Anniversary scholarship campaign? Professional development and service is critical for success in our field but those opportunities are not universally supported. Scholarships are inspirational testaments of faith in the future of our work because they reward initiative and foster potential.

3. What might someone be surprised to know about you? Librarianship is a second career for me after nearly a decade of working in bookstores.

4. Since you’ve become a member of ACRL, tell us about someone who influenced you in some way. When I first started attending Chapters Council, Kathy Parsons was very supportive of my efforts to take on leadership responsibilities and encouraged me to run for office on the Council. She was Chair when I was vice-chair and she shaped my understanding of ACRL while building my sense of connection to the organization.

5. What do you hope ACRL will achieve in the next 75 years? ACRL will continue to evolve as the field evolves. The impulse to create, organize, and share knowledge is universal to the human condition and those of us called into this service will find each other and come together so we can build from our shared strengths.

6. In your opinion, what is the most important work that ACRL does? ACRL builds a broad sense of community which creates countless resources formal and informal, structural and organic.