C&RL 75th Anniversary Special Issue

In preparation for the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Association of College & Research Libraries, the editorial board of College & Research Libraries asked journal readers to help identify seven “landmark” articles from the journal’s history to be included in a special issue to be published in March 2015 and discussed at the ACRL 2015 Conference in Portland.

Six of the selected articles were chosen from a list of 30 finalists represent articles selected for consideration by the C&RL readership by the current members of the editorial board as well as by former C&RL editors, including Richard M. Dougherty (1969-1974), Richard Johnson (1974-1980), Charles Martell (1984-1990), Gloriana St. Clair (1990-1996), and William Gray Potter (2002-2008). The final article selected for inclusion in the collection was the “people’s choice,” an article that our readers judged to be of enduring significance to our field and representative of the high quality of the research published in C&RL over the past 75 years.

All of the nominated articles (along with every other article published in C&RL since 1939) are freely available on the C&RL website.

The articles selected for inclusion in the 75th Anniversary special issue are listed below. The editorial board is currently identifying authors for companion essays from among leading thinkers in academic libraries and LIS education aimed at illuminating the contemporary, and ongoing, significance of these works. These companion essays will be published alongside the original articles in this special issue of the journal.

March 16, 2015, Update: The special 75th anniversary issue of C&RL is now available on the journal website.

The Articles

Robert S. Taylor (1968). “Question-Negotiation and Information Seeking in Libraries.” College & Research Libraries, 29 (3), 178-194. “People’s Choice” selection.

Constance A. Mellon (1986). “Library anxiety: A grounded theory and its development.” College & Research Libraries, 47 (2), 160-165.

David W. Lewis (1988). “Inventing the electronic university.” College & Research Libraries, 49 (4), 291-304.

Carla J. Stoffle, Robert Renaud, and Jerilyn R. Veldof (1996). “Choosing our futures.” College & Research Libraries, 57 (3), 213-225.

Brian Quinn (2000). “The McDonaldization of academic libraries.” College & Research Libraries, 61 (3), 248-261.

George D. Kuh and Robert M. Gonyea (2003). “The role of the academic library in promoting student engagement in learning.” College & Research Libraries, 64 (4), 256-282.

Kara J. Malenfant (2010). “Leading change in the system of scholarly communication: A case study of engaging liaison librarians for outreach to faculty.” College & Research Libraries, 71 (1), 63-76.