Several special publications are in the works for the ACRL 75th Anniversary celebration.

CHOICE Guest Editorial

ACRL 2013-2014 President Trevor Dawes has written an editorial for CHOICE‘s “Guest of Choice” initiative. In celebrating ACRL’s 75th Anniversary, he discusses how the roles of librarians have changed over the years and are constantly evolving.

C&RL Special Issue

In honor of the 75th Anniversary of ACRL, our scholarly research journal College & Research Libraries published a special issue featuring reprints of seven landmark articles from the journal’s history as chosen by the readers. The C&RL editorial board also solicited authors for companion essays aimed at illuminating the contemporary, and ongoing, significance of these works. These companion essays were published alongside the original articles in this special issue of the journal. Learn more about this exciting project, including a preview of the selected articles.

C&RL News Articles

Each month over the course of the anniversary celebration, the 75th Anniversary Celebration Task Force – Research Publications Working Group will publish an article highlighting the anniversary and ACRL history in College & Research Libraries News. A list of articles is below.

July/ August 2015: “ACRL in the 1990s: Racing toward tomorrow on the information super highway” by Frederick D. Barnhart

July/ August 2015: “Disruption in the library: ACRL in the 1980s” by Sara Metz

June 2015: “ACRL in the 1970s: Organizational identity, social change, and technological advancement” by Michelle Demeter

March 2015: “New Roles for the Road Ahead: ACRL commissioned report considers new emerging roles within academic librarianship” by Michelle Demeter

December 2014: “Aiming high: ACRL in the ’60s” by Lian Ruan

November 2014: “Cruising through the ’50s: A decade in ACRL history” by Sarah H. Northam

September 2014: “The 1940s: A time of trial and triumph” by Jill Sodt

June 2014: “Building, presentation, and roving reference: A look back at the inaugural issue of C&RL” by Greta Wood

May 2014: “Red Letter Day: May 31, 2015: Celebrating ACRL’s 75th anniversary” by Pamela Snelson

Commissioned Anniversary Publication

The 75th Anniversary Celebration Task Force – Commissioned Report Working Group will publish New Roles for the Road Ahead:  Essays Commissioned for ACRL’s 75th Anniversary by Steven Bell, Barbara Fister, and Lorcan Dempsey as part of the anniversary celebration. Check back for more information about the work.