2019 ACRL Value of Academic Libraries Travel Scholarships

ACRL is pleased to announce recipients of its latest round of Value of Academic Libraries Travel Scholarships in 2019. These scholarships of up to $2,000 each support librarians presenting on their work demonstrating the impact of academic libraries in the broader landscape of higher education.

The selection committee chose three proposals in this competitive round of applications. They are:

  • Janet Clarke (Stony Brook University) and Raymond Pun (Alder Graduate School of Education) for a presentation titled “The Impact of APA Librarians on Student Success, Faculty Productivity, and Building Community” at Asian Pacific Americans in Higher Education National Conference.
  • Heather Howard (Purdue University) for a presentation titled “Student Information Use and Decision-Making in Innovation Competitions” at the European Academy of Management Annual Conference.
  • Jennifer Wilhelm (Texas A&M University) for a presentation titled “Invest in Your Library: Why Your Institution’s Librarians Are a Valuable Asset in a Collaboration Portfolio” at the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators Student Financial Wellness Conference.

“This was a highly competitive round of applications. The committee was particularly impressed by the recipients’ presentations that highlight innovative ways in which librarians collaborate with institutional partners to achieve their goals and support their communities,” said Value of Academic Libraries Committee Chair Holly Mercer. “I’m pleased ACRL is able to support the recipients’ travel to share their work with higher education stakeholders and inspire further engagement.”

These travel scholarships take up a recommendation from the 2017 ACRL report Academic Library Impact: Improving Practice and Essential Areas to Research (prepared by OCLC Research and available for download or purchase) that academic librarians effectively communicate their contributions to institutional stakeholders and the higher education community.