2020 ACRL Section Award Recipients Announced

ACRL is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2020 section awards. Made possible by generous corporate support, the annual presentation of ACRL’s awards and grants enables ACRL to honor the very best in academic and research librarianship.

A listing of the 2020 award recipients is below. For more information on each award and recipient, please visit the Award Recipients page on ACRL’s website. 

Achievement and Distinguished Service Awards 

CJCLS EBSCO Community College Learning Resources Leadership Award 
Recipient: Jean Amaral, associate professor and open knowledge librarian at Borough of Manhattan Community College. Sponsored by EBSCO Information Services, the $750 award recognizes outstanding achievement in community college leadership. 

CJCLS EBSCO Community College Learning Resources Program Award 
Recipient: The Colorado Community College System (CCCS) for their program “Colorado’s Top 40: Curating OER Content for the Top 40 GT Pathway Courses.” Sponsored by EBSCO Information Services, the $750 award recognizes outstanding achievement in community college programming. 

CLS Innovation in College Librarianship Award 
Recipients: Alexandria Chisholm, Sarah Hartman-Caverly, and Brett Spencer, all reference and instruction librarians at Penn State University, Berks Campus, for their work on creating the Discovery Lab at Thun Library. Sponsored by SCELC, the $1,000 award honors librarians who demonstrate a capacity for innovation in working with or serving undergraduates or instructors in the areas of programs, services, and operations; or creating innovations for library colleagues that facilitate their ability to better serve the library’s community. 

DLS Routledge Distance Learning Librarianship Conference Sponsorship Award 
Recipient: Samantha (Sam) Harlow, online learning librarian at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. Sponsored by Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group, the award provides a $1,200 conference sponsorship to honor any individual ACRL member working in the field of, or contributing to the success of, distance learning librarianship or related library service in higher education.

EBSS Distinguished Education and Behavioral Sciences Librarian Award
Recipient: Cassandra Kvenild, associate dean of libraries at the University of Wyoming. Sponsored by the American Psychological Association, the $2,500 award honors a distinguished academic librarian who has made an outstanding contribution as an education and/or behavioral sciences librarian through accomplishments and service to the profession.

IS Miriam Dudley Instruction Librarian Award 
Recipient: Veronica Arellano Douglas, instruction coordinator at the University of Houston. Sponsored by ACRL’s Instruction Section (IS), the $1,000 award recognizes an individual librarian for significant contributions to the advancement of instruction in a college or research library environment. 

IS Innovation Award 
Recipients: Kathy Anders, graduate studies librarian, Sarah LeMire, coordinator of first year programs, and Terri Pantuso, coordinator of freshman composition, all of Texas A&M University, for their project OER Textbook for Composition and Information Literacy. Sponsored by EBSCO Information Services, the $3,000 award honors librarians who have implemented innovative approaches to information literacy at their respective institutions or in their communities. 

PPIRS Marta Lange/SAGE-CQ Press Award
Recipient: Jeremy Darrington, politics librarian at Princeton University. Sponsored by SAGE-CQ Press, the $1,000 award recognizes a librarian who has made distinguished contributions to bibliography and information service in law or political science.

ULS Outstanding Professional Development Award 
Recipient: Mary Anne Hansen, research services librarian at Montana State University and Tribal College Librarians Institute coordinator. Sponsored by Library Juice Academy, the $1,000 award recognizes librarians, archivists or curators whose contributions to providing professional development opportunities for librarians have been especially noteworthy or influential.

WGSS Award for Career Achievement 
Recipient: Emily Drabinski, critical pedagogy librarian at the Graduate Center, City University of New York. Sponsored by Duke University Press, the $750 award recognizes an individual librarian for career achievement in the area of women and gender studies librarianship. 

WGSS Award for Significant Achievement 
Recipient: Shawn(ta) Smith-Cruz, associate dean of teaching, learning, and engagement at New York University. Sponsored by Duke University Press, the $750 award honors a distinguished academic librarian who has made outstanding contributions to women and gender studies through accomplishments and service to the profession. 

Publication Awards 

RBMS Katharine Kyes Leab and Daniel J. Leab Exhibition Catalogue Awards 
Sponsored by Katharine Kyes Leab and Daniel J. Leab, American Book Prices Current, this award recognizes outstanding catalogues published by American or Canadian institutions in conjunction with library exhibitions. 

Category 1 (Expensive) Recipient: The Huntington Library for “Nineteen Nineteen.” 

Category 1 Honorable Mention: The Grolier Club for “A Matter of Size: Miniature Bindings & Texts from the Collection of Patricia J. Pistner.” 

Category 2 (Moderately Expensive) Recipient: The University of Pennsylvania Libraries Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts for “Wise Men Fished Here: A Centennial Exhibition in Honor of the Gotham book Mart, 1920-2020.” 

Category 2 Honorable Mention: Texas A&M University Libraries Cushing Memorial Library & Archives for “The Stars Are Ours: Infinite Diversities in Science Fiction & Fantasy.” 

Category 2 Honorable Mention: Yale University Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library for “Bibliomania; or Book Madness: A Bibliographical Romance.” 

Category 3 (Inexpensive) Co-Recipient: Oakland University Art Gallery for “Encountering the Rare Book.” 

Category 3 Co-Recipient: The University of Guelph School of Fine Art and Music and the Archives and Special Collections, McLaughlin Library for “Spaces of Wonder, Wonder of Space: Encountering the Eighteenth Century in Image, Object, and Text.” 

Category 4 (Brochures) Recipient: The University of Alberta Bruce Peel Special Collections for “Fishing with Flies.” 

Category 4 Honorable Mention: The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Rare Book & Manuscript Library for “Making Mr. Darcy: Cultural Context for the Regency Gentleman.” 

Category 5 (Electronic) Recipient: Northwestern University Transportation Library for “Independence in the Air: African Aviation in the 1960s.” 

IS Ilene F. Rockman Instruction Publication of the Year Award 
Recipient: Amanda L. Folk for her article “Reframing Information Literacy as Academic Cultural Capital: A Critical and Equity-Based Foundation for Practice, Assessment, and Scholarship,” published in 2019 by ACRL. Sponsored by Carrick Enterprises, the $1,000 award recognizes an outstanding publication related to instruction in a library environment that was published in the last two years. 

Research Grants 

ESS De Gruyter European Librarianship Study Grant 
Recipient: Emma Popowich, acting head of the Elizabeth Dafoe Library and romance languages librarian at the University of Manitoba, for her project “A Conscience of Cloth: Blue Textiles in the Identity of the Midi.” Sponsored by the Walter de Gruyter Foundation for Scholarship and Research, the grant provides €2,500 to support research in European studies with an emphasis on librarianship, the book trade, resource documentation and similar information-science related topics. 

Additional information on these awards, along with listings of past recipients, is available on the ACRL website

01-CJCLS Leadership - Jean Amaral
02-CJCLS Program - Colorado Community College System
03 - CLS - Brett Spencer--Alexandria Chisholm--Sarah Hartman-Caverly
04 - DLS - Sam Harlow
05 - EBSS - Cassandra Kvenild
06 - ESS - Emma Popowich
07 - IS Rockman - Amanda Folk
08 - IS Innovation - Kathy Anders-Sarah LeMire-Terri Pantuso
09 - IS Dudley - Veronica Arellano Douglas
10 - PPIRS - Jeremy Darrington
11 - RBMS - Nineteen Nineteen
12 - RBMS - A Matter of Size
13 - RBMS - Wise Men Fished Here
14-Catalog elements
15 - RBMS - Bibliomania
16 - RBMS - Encountering the Rare Book
17 - RBMS - Spaces of Wonder
18 - RBMS - Fishing with Flies
19 - RBMS - Making Mr Darcy
20-Copy of independence in the air
Mary Anne Hansen
22 - WGSS - Emily Drabinski
23 - WGSS - Shawn Smith-Cruz
Jean Amaral
Recipient: CJCLS Leadership Award