2022 ACRL Academic Library Trends and Statistics Survey Now Open!

ACRL is now collecting responses for the Academic Library Trends & Statistics Survey for fiscal year 2022.

If you have participated in the past, thank you. More than 1,514 academic libraries contributed data last year, including 155 institutions which had not participated in the past. We hope that you will contribute your library’s data for the 2022 fiscal year. This period is defined as the most recent 12-month period that ends before October 1, 2022, that corresponds to your institution’s fiscal year.

2022 Submission Details

Data Collection Period: September 2022– February 28, 2023
Submission website: https://librarybenchmark.org/

If you have difficulty logging in please contact acrlbenchmark@ala.org.

Benefits of Participating

The ACRL survey is the largest national survey of its kind, offering the best understanding of the impact that academic libraries have through their staffing, teaching, collections, and beyond.  Libraries across the country use the survey for benchmarking, understanding trends, advocating for better resources, assessment, and conducting deeper research.  The survey questions are shaped by respondents from every size and type of academic library.  We count on your participation to ensure a broad picture of academic libraries and welcome your input on changes to the survey and focus areas for our 2022 trends questionnaire. Survey participants can provide comments and suggestions for changes to future surveys as part of the 2022 survey.

Overview of the Survey

The ACRL Academic Library Trends & Statistics Survey includes three parts: 

  • The IPEDS Academic Library Component (https://nces.ed.gov/ipeds/), with instructions and definitions completely aligned.  Alignment between ACRL’s survey and IPEDS began in 2015 and allows ACRL to make these data available with a few short months of turnaround time.  
  • Questions exclusive to this year’s survey, which are sometimes used to test questions for future IPEDS surveys. 
  • A section on trends which changes yearly:  this year’s questions focus is post-Covid library service and workplace trends.

Access to the Results

Every participating library receives complimentary access to online dashboards showing survey results by national average as soon as survey data are available in early summer 2023.  A subscription to ACRL Benchmark offers additional functionality, including access to past data and the ability to compare specific institutions. 

Two Surveys in One: Easy IPEDS Integration

If you are required to submit Academic Library Component data to IPEDS, we have made it easy for you to complete two surveys at once. Start with the ACRL survey. When you’re finished, you can download a file containing all the data required for the IPEDS Academic Library Component and suitable for uploading to IPEDS survey web site. If you are not the person responsible for submitting data directly to IPEDS, just share the file with your campus IPEDS keyholder.

Please contact ACRL survey support at 1-312-280-2523 or via email at acrlbenchmark@ala.org  with any questions about the survey or to correct contact information for your institution.