ACRL 2020 President’s Program – “Shifting the Center: Transforming Academic Libraries through Generous Accountability”

Join us at 1 p.m. Central (convert additional time zones online) on Wednesday, June 10, for the 2020 ACRL President’s Program, “Shifting the Center: Transforming Academic Libraries through Generous Accountability,” presented freely online as part of the ACRL Together Wherever Virtual Event.

Inspired by the work of critical scholars, artists and activists within and outside libraries, the program asks participants to imagine a world where holding ourselves truly accountable for systemic inequity in our profession and institutions is a welcome opportunity for growth.

We understand that the inequitable systems governing our institutions are not broken, but are functioning as they were designed to do. In light of today’s global pandemic, we find these inequities even more severe for many in our communities. To rebuild these institutions, we must pay close attention to the voices and needs of people experiencing inequity, and enact change according to what we hear.

Hosted by ACRL President Karen Munro and featuring keynote speaker McKensie Mack, anti-oppression consultant, researcher, facilitator, founder of #BoundaryWork, and former executive director at Art+Feminism, the session will explore how doing this work—holding ourselves, each other, and our institutions meaningfully accountable for inequity—can be an opportunity for generosity, humor, and care.

Complete information about ACRL Together Wherever, including a list of programs, is available on the event website.