ACRL Awards Deadline Approaches!

Please nominate, and encourage your colleagues to nominate, outstanding librarians and libraries for ACRL awards! Very deserving individuals and institutions may not be receiving recognition because we have not taken the responsibility, interest, and time to nominate them. This year, December 2 is the deadline for most award nominations. That date is coming up very soon.

Recognizing our colleagues’ achievements reflects well on all of us and on our profession. Higher education administrators may want to provide more institutional support to their libraries in an effort to earn an ACRL award.  Potential academic and research librarians may be attracted to the field after exposure to the publicized example of award winners. We are inspired by the award winners and aspire to meet the standards they set, to the benefits of our faculty, students, and staff. When we celebrate our colleagues’ outstanding achievements, all of us feel more pride in our work and what it means to those whom we serve.

Take a moment to examine the ACRL awards at and brainstorm with your colleagues names of worthy candidates. The nominations do not take a lot of paperwork. Please make them a priority over the next weeks.

I appreciate your giving this important ACRL program your time and attention.

Don’t miss the December 2 deadline!

Joyce L. Ogburn, ACRL President