ACRL Awards Updates and Awards Process Implementation Task Force

In January 2022, the ACRL Board of Directors received the 2021 ACRL Awards Task Force’s report and recommendations (see ACRL LLX22 Doc 8.1 2022 Awards Task Force Report). After considering the Task Force’s thirteen recommendations (see pp 117-118) at length, the Board voted on April 6, 2022 to continue to pause all ACRL’s awards for the duration of time it takes to consider the implementation of the recommendations. Due to the complexity of these recommendations, ACRL subsequently arranged a virtual Awards Town Hall and invited section and award committee chairs to share comments, ask questions, and express their concerns. At the Town Hall, the 2021 Awards Task Force co-chairs provided an overview of the process that led to the thirteen recommendations and attendees asked numerous questions. ACRL also established a dedicated email account ( for awards stakeholders to submit questions and comments.

ACRL Awards Process Implementation Task Force

On August 1, 2022, the Board approved the ACRL Awards Process Implementation Task Force. This Task Force will consider all ACRL awards and make specific, implementable recommendations for streamlining the ACRL awards process.

ACRL Awards Process Implementation Task Force Charge:

  • Establish standardized process, fundraising protocols, and a standard/consistent monetary awards structure across ACRL; create new corresponding guidelines or procedures as necessary.
  • Investigate feasibility of collapsing all awards into one new division awards committee, as well as other models that consolidate and centralize the process and provide a nimble structure that responds to member and professional needs and values, share pros and cons of different approaches, and gather stakeholder feedback as appropriate.
  • Ensure equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) principles are incorporated into all aspects of awards program, including research grants and scholarships, whether administered at the division or section level (Principles include, but are not limited to definitions of achievement, award eligibility criteria, award nomination processes, and award committee appointment processes).
  • Ensure ACRL awards process aligns with ALA policies and awards procedures.

As ACRL President, I will appoint the membership of the task force, which will be led by Lori Goetsch (a former ACRL President). If you identify with one of the roles in the approved composition below, please volunteer at and provide us with your full name, email, institution, and the role(s) with which you identify. Those serving must be current members in good standing of ALA and ACRL and must remain so for the duration of their appointment. 

  • 2 members who have recent experience serving as ACRL Division Awards Committee Chairs
  • 2 members who have recent experience serving as ACRL Section Awards Committee Chairs
  • 1 current or recent member from the ACRL Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee
  • 1 current or recent member from the ACRL Publications Coordinating Committee
  • 1 member from the previous ACRL Awards Task Force
  • 1 ACRL Staff Liaison
  • 1 ACRL Board Liaison

As this new Task Force’s work unfolds, we will continue to provide updates on the Awards Program.

– Erin Ellis, 2022-23 ACRL President