ACRL Committee Restructuring – Next Steps

The ACRL Board is grateful for all of the feedback received about the Proposed Committee Structure for ACRL. The Board did an in-depth review of the survey responses, as well as other communications in ALA Connect and by e-mail. The Board had an extensive conference call on January 10, 2012, to discuss your feedback and to consider changes to the proposal.

We listened carefully to your views about the values inherent in several committees and have revised the proposal to move the organization and the proposal forward in a responsive way.  The Board’s revised proposal updates the original document and is organized by each committee (, and we have revised the chart that summarizes the changes ( We know the committee document is lengthy, but it is structured so that you can refer easily to the outcomes suggested for each committee.

At Midwinter, the ACRL Leadership Council will receive a briefing on the revised proposal and where we go next. The Leadership Council agenda and documents can be found at: The Board has the updated Proposed Committee Structure on its agenda for its Saturday and Monday meetings at Midwinter ( The FAQ Regarding the Division-level Committee Structure Proposal is also available online (

On behalf of the Board let me thank you for your input and advice. I feel very positive about the Board’s response and thoughtful engagement with the process.

See you very soon in Dallas.

Joyce L. Ogburn
ACRL President