ACRL Draft Plan for Excellence Feedback

At the ALA Midwinter Meeting and ALA Annual Conference in 2010, the ACRL Leadership Council identified challenges facing academic librarianship and prioritized areas for action. These conversations, along with Futures Thinking for Academic Librarians (PDF), the 2010 Top Ten Trends in Academic Libraries, and the Value of Academic Libraries report, as well as the Strategic Plan Activities Report, informed the fall 2010 strategic planning process. In drafting the new plan, the ACRL Board accomplished the goal of creating a focused and streamlined plan.

The result of these discussion is a draft for a new ACRL Plan for Excellence (PDF). Now that we have a draft of the new plan, we’d like to hear from you. To facilitate the process, we’ve created an online form with the following questions:

1. In considering a 3-5 year planning cycle and a focused strategic plan, is there anything you expected to see in the goals and objectives that is not included?
2. Given the three goal areas, what suggestions do you have for activities and projects that ACRL should undertake to advance the plan?
3. Is there anything in the draft plan that is not clear?

We welcome responses from individual members as well as responses from ACRL committees, sections, interest groups, etc. Please submit your feedback by February 1, 2011.


Lisa Hinchliffe
ACRL President, 2010-2011