ACRL e-Learning Online Course: Developing Signature Pedagogies in Information Literacy

Join ACRL February 17 – March 13, 2020, for the ACRL e-Learning course, “Developing Signature Pedagogies in Information Literacy.”

Signature pedagogies are specific ways of teaching that move students to develop the habits of mind of a professional or disciplinarian (Ciccone, 2009). This concept is widely discussed in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning literature in other disciplines, but has yet to make its way into common conversation in information literacy.

Throughout the four weeks, participants will spend time in conversation to deepen their understanding of the mental processes they go through when they work with information, while also discussing commonly used pedagogies to teach information literacy. Participants can expect to engage in readings and discussion about signature pedagogies. The end product in the course will be a lesson plan that includes the use of an identified pedagogy that teaches habits of mind necessary to be literate in information.

Learning Outcomes
After attending this class, participants will be able to:

  • Define signature pedagogies and habits of mind
  • Describe habits of mind necessary to be information literate
  • Identify and explain signature pedagogies in information literacy
  • Develop information literacy lessons that use signature pedagogies

How to Register
Registration materials and complete details are available online. Contact with questions.