ACRL e-Learning Webcast Series: Research Process, Methods, and Relationships for Academic Librarians

During this interactive three-part webcast series, the editors and authors of Reflections on Practitioner Research: A Practical Guide for Information Professionals (ACRL 2020) address the challenges of undertaking research as an information professional, and explore the research process from selecting a topic to qualitative and quantitative research methods to successfully collaborating with research partners.

Webcast One: The Research Process – Thursday, October 29, 2020
In this webcast, presenters will describe different aspects of their research processes, including developing a research design, navigating the IRB, and scaling and adapting research projects. Throughout, participants will reflect on and respond to prompts that help them to think through their own research process and structures.

Webcast Two: Research Methods – Thursday, November 12, 2020
Presenters will represent the research methods they have utilized as researchers, including surveys, interviews, and focus groups, and offer advice and tips for choosing and using these commonly used social science methods in library research.

Webcast Three: Research Relationships – Thursday, November 19, 2020
Pairs of researchers will discuss collaboration, mentorship, and partnership as related to conducting research as an information professional.

Learning Outcomes
Part One

  • Identify the components of research design
  • Articulate best practices for different stages of the research process
  • Prepare for potential barriers in the research process

Part Two

  • Describe common methods used in LIS practitioner research
  • Identify pros and cons of using different research methods
  • Articulate possible pitfalls when conducting a research project

Part Three

  • Identify common cultural, technical, and institutional concerns regarding collaborative research
  • Articulate best practices for building productive and successful research partnerships
  • Prepare and plan for challenges that may arise when collaborating

How to Register
Complete details and registration materials are available on the ACRL website. Group registration and other discounts are available. Contact Margot Conahan at with questions.