ACRL Ethics Committee Online Forum On Ethics and Professionalism

Join the ACRL Ethics Committee May 22-23  for a two-day asynchronous online forum, “Ethics and Professionalism: Where do they diverge? Where do they converge?” Moderated by Ethics Committee member Jonathan Cope and Vice-Chair Kelly Laas, the forum will explore ethical challenges and some “bigger picture” questions.

Day 1 Topic: When Professionalism and Ethics Collide: A Case Study – A university library debates whether to accept the papers of a politician with a troubling legacy, or not.

Day 2 Topic: The Crossroads of Ethics and Professionalism: The Role of Ethics in Professional Practice – A conversation about the role ethics plays in professional librarianship; the Code and real world application.    

Register by joining the Ethics Forum email list. Registration for the forum is free but required.