ACRL IS and LES Seek Liaison to Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC)

The ACRL Instruction Section (IS) and Literatures in English Section (LES) are currently seeking applications to serve a three-year term (July 2019–June 2022) as the ACRL liaison to the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC). CCCC, a conference of the National Council of Teachers of English, supports postsecondary teachers of rhetoric, composition and communication.

This is a new liaison position, recently approved by ACRL. Liaisons are responsible for outreach, education, and communication between the CCCC and ACRL in order to form strong relationships and advance the interests of ACRL, IS and LES.

About the CCCC

CCCC, according to its mission statement, “advocates for broad and evolving definitions of literacy, communication, rhetoric and writing (including multimodal discourse, digital communication, and diverse language practices) that emphasize the value of these activities to empower individuals and communities.” CCCC’s advocacy for a broad definition of literacy, which includes digital and multimodal literacy, dovetails very nicely with ACRL’s goal to advance student learning and advocacy for information literacy and other literacies. As both CCCC and ACRL are looking to collaborate with institutional partners to improve curricula, it makes sense to bring these two organizations together.

Deadline for Applications: September 5, 2019

Submission Requirements

Nominees must submit:

  • An email of application articulating qualifications to Meghan Sitar, Past-Chair, ACRL Instruction Section,
  • A current vita


  • Liaison attends CCCC Annual Convention, which takes place in March. 
  • Liaison must be willing to identify opportunities for collaboration with CCCC members on research and scholarship to advance understanding of ethical and effective teaching practices, shared frameworks, and other emerging focus areas.
  • Liaison should effectively share information about ACRL strategic initiatives and agendas to CCCC.
  • Liaison must submit a report jointly to the Executive Committees of IS and LES and contribute a newsletter item following attendance at the conference, providing a summary of the experience.
  • Liaison will also report to the ACRL Liaisons Assembly.



  • Current member of ALA and ACRL , as well as a member of IS or LES.
  • Experience working with composition and writing programs as a librarian.
  • Interest in coordinating activities to increase interaction between the CCCC, ACRL, IS, and LES.
  • Financial support to attend the CCCC for the length of the three-year term if not funded by ACRL (Note:  Liaison may apply for conference funding from the grants working group of the ACRL External Liaisons Committee, but funding is not guaranteed. The current deadline to apply for Spring 2020 conference funding is September 15, 2019.)
  • Experience with or interest in outreach and advocacy to campus stakeholders engaged in writing instruction.
  • Excellent communication skills


  • Record of serving IS, LES, and/or ACRL on committees, task forces, etc.
  • Experience conducting research on the collaborations between composition instructors and librarians.
  • IS and LES are committed to assessing applicants promptly in order to allow the liaison to apply for funding through ACRL’s grants program.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact Meghan Sitar, Past-Chair, ACRL Instruction Section,