ACRL Member of the Week: Jermaine Dennis

Jermaine Dennis

As part of our celebration of Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week, we’re featuring recent CUNY Queens College graduate Jermaine Dennis as your ACRL Member of the Week for April 6, 2020! Jermaine is a young adult librarian at the New York Public Library, a 2020 ALA Emerging Leader, and has been a member of ACRL for 2 years.

Describe yourself in three words: Industrious, conscientious, ingenious.

What are you reading (or listening to on your mobile device(s)? I just finished reading The Alchemist and now am reading Brave New World.

Describe ACRL in three words: Keen, resourceful, progressive.

What prompted you as a student to join ACRL? I joined ACRL to understand what reference librarians are doing in academic and research settings. In addition, I joined to network with other librarians who are on the same career path as I am.

What are your career goals? How might ACRL help you achieve those goals? I aspire to become a reference librarian for an academic or research library, particularly one that specializes in Black cultural research. ACRL can help me achieve these goals by providing opportunities for me to meet like-minded professionals who have similar interest as I do. In addition, ACRL can continue to provide best practices for academic and research libraries so I can understand the direction these institutions are going.

In your own words: Hello ACRL Members, First and foremost, I am honored that the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) has recognized me as the Student Member of the Week for being selected as an American Library Association’s Emerging Leader participant for the year 2020. As a child, I would have never that I would become a librarian. For many years, I aspired to be a professional athlete, and then later on, a sports journalist. After graduating from State University of New York at Albany (SUNY Albany) with a degree in Journalism, I worked as a sports reporter for a couple years. Although the work was enjoyable, unfortunately there was something missing from my day-to-day routine that left me unsatisfied within my career. This something was civic engagement. Now that I am a full-time librarian for the New York Public Library the void during my years as a journalist has been fulfilled. The library, as an institution, is the perfect venue to aid people and their communities in their never-ending journeys to enhance their livelihoods. I enjoy supporting people in their quest to seek information and evolve as individuals. In addition, as a librarian, I am grateful for playing a crucial role in assisting others to attain their ends, whatever it may be. Once again, thank you ACRL for recognizing me as a student member of the week. I look forward to continually grow as a library professional so I can provide the necessary services to people and their communities! With Warm Regards, Jermaine Dennis

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