ACRL Member of the Week: Lisa Ancelet

Lisa AnceletLisa A. Ancelet is Virtual Reference Services Librarian at Texas State University-San Marcos and a 2008 ALA Emerging Leader. Lisa has been an ACRL member since 2006 and is your ACRL Member of the Week.

1. Describe yourself in three words: Creative, motivated, hardworking.

2. What book are you currently reading? Right now, I am reading a few things. One is the latest edition of Information Architecture for the World Wide Web (Morville and Rosenfeld) 3rd edition, and I am reviewing recent articles addressing the usability of websites with a focus on academic library websites for a project I am leading here at work and to prepare for our own usability study/focus group taking place this week.

3. Describe ACRL in three words: Informative, networking, knowledge-base.

4. Why did you join ACRL? Because as an academic librarian, I want to have access to the many resources ACRL provides. ACRL offers those of us who are still new to the profession access to teaching resources, networking with colleagues, and so much more, with the focus on colleges and universities.

5. What do you value about academic or research librarianship? I value the students who enable me to keep my job! I enjoy helping people find and use information. I knew the minute I took a job as a library assistant at an academic library that I was meant for this profession. I went back to school and earned my MSIS (’03) and I’m continuing on the path I chose. I love public service work and this is one of the best places to work with the public. The Internet and technology have only increased number of people who need guidance and/or instruction on the many tools and resources available to them.

6. In your own words: The warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you let a piece of dark chocolate melt on your tongue. On a more serious note, I feel that librarianship is still as relevant today as it was 50 years ago. Technology is changing as fast as you can blink an eye and I know that our profession will continue to lead the way.

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