ACRL Online Course: Leading from the Middle

Join ACRL November 22-December 17, 2021, for the ACRL online learning course, “Leading from the Middle – Changing approaches to library leadership and communication.”

Middle Managers are influencers of workplace morale and talent acquisition and retention; they are expected to spark innovation in service models, collections, and spaces. As such, new middle managers need support in evolving their mindsets and approaches to leadership and communication. This four-week course will fill a much-needed gap by blending the theoretical ideas about leadership with practical application. Rather than a checklist of do’s and don’ts, this course is about anticipating the effects of communication, so that leaders can flex their approaches and produce desired results. Ultimately, participants will shift into a leadership mindset that focuses less on how one leads and more on the people being led. This includes communication with administration, direct reports, peer managers, and campus stakeholders.

Participants will learn about the role communication plays in accountability and how it pertains to personnel goal setting, demonstrating department value, making a successful case for resources, and having difficult conversations about employee behavior and work performance. Participants will engage in scenario-based activities to build their skills in effective communication, including oral, written, and one-on-one communication skills in order to advocate for their department and hone their skills in discussing employee performance gaps. Participants will engage in conversations about cross-departmental communication and advocating for one’s department without negatively impacting other departments. This course will engage attendees through inclusive group discussions spurred by case studies and real-life examples from the facilitators.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize the need to hone different leadership styles to effectively manage people with different personalities and work styles
  • Recognize the role effective communication plays in employee accountability and performance
  • Determine effective communication methods for different management scenarios

How to Register
Registration materials and complete details are available online. Contact with questions.