ACRL Podcast: Library Rx

ACRL Content Strategist Kathryn Deiss talks with Martina Malvasi, Cathy Rudowsky, and Jesus Valenica of Slippery Rock University about the causes of, and treatments for, library anxiety. Malvasi, Rudowsky, and Valencia are the authors of the new ACRL publication Library Rx: Measuring and Treating Library Anxiety.


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  1. Very interesting topic.

    I wonder if Library Anxiety is limited to the college students or does it begin in High School? Can the level of anxiety be lessened with greater exposure to the library’s resources before the students get to their new campus. With so many other new things to get acclimated to, the library may be an afterthought. But, if a library is already an important part of their daily educational routines, it might be easier to take that first step in the new environment.

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