ACRL Podcast: Scholarly Communication Research Agenda

ACRL has issued a new white paper, “Establishing a Research Agenda for Scholarly Communication: A Call for Community Engagement,” resulting from a one-day invitational meeting to collectively brainstorm the evidence needed to manage and influence the changing system of scholarly communication.

Listen to the co-chairs of ACRL’s Scholarly Communications Committee —- John Ober, Director of the Office of Scholarly Communication at the University of California, and Joyce Ogburn, University Librarian at the University of Utah — discuss the report’s far ranging trends. Hear how this report helps delineate the stake of academic librarians and their potential role in the future. Learn about ways librarians could leverage the report to jump-start conversations with faculty and administrators on their own campuses.

While the report begins to outline a research agenda, identifying eight themes with research possibilities for each, public comment is critical to truly create a community research agenda. We invite you to share your thoughts or comment on the ideas presented and thank you in advance for extending this important discussion.

Time: 10:05


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