ACRL Podcast: Support SCOAP 3 Publishing Experiment

Today, ACRL sent a letter to the organizers of SCOAP3, the Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics, expressing interest and support of their effort to facilitate open access publishing in High Energy Physics. The letter states that ACRL “welcomes this experiment in new funding models and recognizes its potential to inform scholarly publishing more globally” and “believes that SCOAP3 is a valuable addition to the heterogeneous mix of strategies being undertaken by scholars, publishers, libraries and others to ensure the future of high-quality journals.”

Additionally, the association encourages its members to consider joining the SCOAP3 effort when appropriate, e.g. through an institutional or consortial “expression of interest” providing education and outreach about SCOAP3 to their faculty, library staff and administrators, and finding other ways to analyze and support SCOAP3 where possible.

To learn more about why libraries of all sizes should support SCOAP3, and what they can do to support the effort, listen an interview with John Ober, Director of Policy, Planning & Outreach at California Digital Library, and Kim Douglas, University Librarian at California Institute of Technology. Ober is a current co-chair, and Douglas an incoming co-chair, of ACRL’s Scholarly Communications Committee.


About the Music:
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