ACRL Presents Webcast: Let’s Keep Doing This! Found UX Opportunities in the Midst of the Pandemic

Join us at 11 a.m. Central on Thursday, February 18, for the free ACRL Presents webcast “Let’s Keep Doing This! Found UX Opportunities in the Midst of the Pandemic.”

ACRL’s New Roles and Changing Landscapes Committee is focusing on the role of user experience (UX) librarianship during this pandemic time. How have the users’ experiences, needs, and desires shifted? How have we as academic libraries pivoted in what we do to meet these needs? In the summer and early fall, we focused on what we had to let go of or do differently during the pandemic to meet these user needs. But now we can begin to explore what we have learned from this time and want to keep doing.

In these lighting talks, presenters from the Committee will each share a UX initiative established during the pandemic that is working well and that they hope to continue post-pandemic. They will also share key points or resources you’ll need if you want to put the initiative into place at your institution.


Amy Dye-Reeves, Associate Education and History Librarian, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX

Erica Watson, Electronic Services Librarian, Contra Costa College, San Pablo, CA

Theresa Westbrock, Dean of Library Services, University of Northern Iowa

Adoria Williams, Co-Chair, Merritt College Library, Oakland, CA

Beth Filar Williams, Associate Professor, Head of the Library Experience and Access Department, Oregon State University Libraries


Erin Smith, Chair of the New Roles and Changing Landscapes committee and Chief Information Officer, Westminster College, Pennsylvania