ACRL Presents Webcast: Using the New ACRL Framework for Impactful Scholarship and Metrics

Join us at 1 p.m. Central on Tuesday, January 12, for the free ACRL Presents webcast “Using the New ACRL Framework for Impactful Scholarship and Metrics.”

Academic librarians face a wide range of expectations for scholarship in their job responsibilities, including for rank, tenure, and promotion, as well as for establishing seniority and leadership in non-faculty systems. The range of scholarship produced by academic librarians reflects this diversity of expectations. As a result, impact can be difficult to contextualize or even quantify.

At the same time, critical concerns have emerged regarding the accessibility, equitable production, and “gate-keeping” practices associated with many traditional and emerging forms of scholarly communication.

The new ACRL Impactful Scholarship and Metrics Framework (PDF) is designed to facilitate the work of academic institutions as they establish, evaluate, or update their guidelines for measuring the impact of academic librarian scholarship. The framework outlines a wide variety of scholarly outputs, and creates two primary categories of impact—scholarly and practitioner—with a variety of metrics, measures, and altmetrics within each. Task force representatives will discuss their background research, introduce the framework, and discuss it in the context of ACRL’s open access and equity initiatives.