ACRL Supports Brennan Center Statement on Immigrants and Social Media

The ACRL Board of Directors commends ALA on its support of immigrants and social media by the organization’s signing of a statement issued by the NYU Brennan Center for Justice concerning the State Department’s proposed policies, published for comment in Public Notice 10065.

ACRL strongly supports and endorses the argument against the State Department’s proposed changes to the current immigration application process documented in the NYU Brennan Center statement:

“This policy would make permanent the collection of additional information from immigrant and nonimmigrant visa applicants who have been determined to warrant additional scrutiny in connection with terrorism or other visa ineligibilities, including national security-related ineligibilities.

As with the emergency collection that was put in place in May, the additional requirements impose significant burdens on visa applicants; are apt to chill speech and reveal private information about travelers that is irrelevant to their suitability for entry to the United States; and expose information about their families, friends and business associates in the U.S. Further, the context in which these policies are being developed raises concerns that the populations targeted for additional scrutiny will be identified by their shared religion, nationality, or ideology. Lastly, the data collection will facilitate the bulk mining and analysis of information about travelers and U.S. citizens, amplifying the concerns above, all in exchange for speculative national security benefits, especially in light of the vanishingly small number of foreign-born persons who commit terrorist attacks on U.S. soil.”