Appointments Update, Part 2

Editor’s Note: This entry is part of an occasional series of posts from the ACRL Board of Directors.  In this post, Vice-President/ President-Elect Steven J. Bell provides a second update on the ACRL appointments process.

I am pleased to report that the process for appointing ACRL members to division-level committees is proceeding smoothly and according to the timeline mapped out by the Appointments Committee.  In a post at the beginning of March, I provided general information about the appointments process, and indicated that I would provide occasional updates to the ACRL membership.

In a recent message I received from John Pollitz, chair of the Appointments Committee, he provides an update on the work of the Committee:

The ACRL Appointments Committee spent much of March in conference call meetings. These weekly calls are used to review appointments to open committee positions with appropriate volunteers. This year the process has been slightly complicated by the need to account for the committees that will be disbanded at the end of the program year. We are making every attempt to place members of disbanded committees, where possible, on related committees.

More than 900 ACRL members volunteered to serve on committees this year, so the competition for positions is certainly elevated. By the end of March, the Appointments committee will be positioned to forward our volunteer recommendations to ACRL vice-president/president-elect Bell. He will review our recommendations and either approve or recommend changes. After final approval the Appointments Committee will begin sending out invitations via ACRL’s electronic appointment system. Volunteers selected for a committee appointment will receive a notification email approximately mid-April. We expect the entire appointments process to be completed well before the New Leader Orientation scheduled for May.

During the third week of March I received multiple appointment worksheets from the Committee members, and I will continue to receive and review the worksheets until the process is complete. Once that is accomplished, the Committee members will input all the volunteer information into the ALA electronic appointment system, which in turn generates agreement messages to those being asked to accept appointments. This part of the process can be completed fairly quickly. Where it tends to bog down is when an appointee declines the invitation to serve. Then the Appointments Committee must go back into the volunteer pool to select and appoint a new individual. This happens infrequently, and as John indicates, the appointments process should be completed in sufficient time for all the committee leaders to participate in the Orientation program.

I want to once again thank John and all the members of the Appointments Committee for their good work, and all of the ACRL members – all 900+ of them – who have expressed their interest in volunteering to do the work that makes ACRL an outstanding professional association. If you have any questions about the appointments process, please do get in touch with me. John and I will be glad to answer these questions, and keep the membership informed about the work of the Appointments Committee.