Appointments Update, Part 3

Editor’s Note: This entry is part of an occasional series of posts from the ACRL Board of Directors.  In this post, Vice-President/ President-Elect Steven J. Bell provides an update on the ACRL appointments process.

The 2012-2013 appointments  process is moving rapidly to its conclusion. With the exception of a just a few situations in which appointees declined their appointment, the majority of appointments to ACRL division-level committees have been made and accepted. The Appointments Committee, led by John Pollitz, worked efficiently in using ALA’s volunteer database to make assignments for open slots. This online system is a vast improvement as it allows all the appointments to be made and accepted electronically. The Appointments Committee tracks all the acceptances and then forwards completed committee worksheets to the ACRL staff.

The information from the worksheets is then used to (a) update the existing online committee rosters; (b) generate thank you letters to those accepting appointments; and (c) generate thank you letters to those who were unsuccessful in their bid for an appointment. I will be sending a letter to all those in the latter category, thanking them for taking the time to volunteer and encouraging them to try again in the following year. There is always the possibility that new opportunities for appointments may arise, as ACRL may create a task force or a committee vacancy opens, and in those cases I will be making additional appointments.

I want to thank the members of the Appointments Committee for several months of dedicated work to both familiarize themselves with the appointment process and volunteer database system, and for their thorough attention to detail in accomplishing their task. I also want to thank both Katie Coombes and Erin Shackelford of the ACRL staff for providing their expertise and support throughout the entire appointments process.

Thanks also to the many ACRL members who volunteer to serve on committees. I welcome those of you who have accepted appointments to your new role in helping the ACRL Board of Directors to conduct the work of the association. I will look forward to working with all of you. And to those who were not as fortunate in their bid for an appointment, on behalf of the Board I want to thank you for your commitment to ACRL, and I hope you to will have an opportunity to serve the membership in the future. Please consider all the other ways in which you can engage with ACRL as an association member.