New ACRL Framework for Access Services Librarianship

The ACRL Board of Directors approved a new Framework for Access Services Librarianship (PDF) at its spring virtual meeting. Consisting of four sections, the framework defines access services, suggests competencies for access services librarians and managers, examines marketing and outreach of access services, and suggests opportunities for professional engagement for access services librarians.

The new framework is a culmination of a three-year effort by access services professionals across the United States to define and describe a framework for Access Services librarianship.  The ACRL Access Services Interest Group, established in July 2016, produced this work through a multi-step process. The framework should be of interest to academic librarians both inside and outside of access services as it intends to help shape, define, and explain the scope of this branch of librarianship as it continues to provide essential services and oversight of core library functions in 21st century college or research libraries. 

The new Framework for Access Services Librarianship is freely available in the Standards, Guidelines, and Frameworks section of the ACRL website.