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Thank You, ACRL Member Volunteers!

June 11, 2024 Beth McNeil 0

As ACRL President, I would like to express my deep appreciation for the many contributions ACRL volunteers have made to the association this past program year. With terms ending at the close of the 2024 ALA Annual Conference, ACRL will finish this program year with optimism for what lies ahead, […]

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Proposed ACRL Bylaws Revisions

February 1, 2024 Beth McNeil 0

The ACRL Board of Directors is pleased to notify membership that the ballot for the Spring 2024 ALA/ACRL election will include a membership vote on proposed amendments to the ACRL Bylaws. The proposed revisions seek to align the ACRL Bylaws with current ALA and ACRL policies along with defining action […]

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ACRL Speaker Honoraria Policy Updates

August 8, 2023 Beth McNeil 0

At the 2023 ALA Annual Conference, the ACRL Board of Directors received the final report and recommendations from the ACRL Member Accommodation/Compensation Task Force. Due to changing landscapes, member feedback, and requests in recent years, the Board asked the task force to review existing policies and norms pertaining to member […]