Become an ALA Representative to IFLA

ACRL invites applicants to serve as ALA representatives to IFLA standing committees for the term 2009 — 2013. There is currently one vacancy each in the following IFLA committees: Art Libraries, Information Literacy, Rare Books and Manuscripts, Science and Technology Libraries, Social Science Libraries, and University Libraries/ General Research Libraries.

Becoming an ALA representative to IFLA is easy. Simply apply through the chair of the ACRL section that nominates representatives for the IFLA standing committee on which you wish to serve (see table below). Your application should reach the section chair as soon as possible, but no later than April 30, 2008. The ACRL International Relations Committee will be reviewing applications and making recommendations to the ACRL Board at ALA Annual 2008 in Anaheim.

IFLA Standing Committee

ACRL Section Bringing Forward Nominations

Section Chair to Whom Application Material Should be Sent

Art Libraries


Eric A. Kidwell

Information Literacy


Jean S. Caspers

Rare Books and Manuscripts


Christian Yves Dupont

Science and Technology Libraries


Barbara M. MacAlpine

Social Science Libraries


Penny Beile

Social Science Libraries


JoAnn Jacoby

University Libraries and other General Research Libraries


Cheryl A. Middleton Cheryl.Middleton@oregonstate.ed

Representatives are nominated and officially endorsed for a four-year term to every IFLA section standing committee at each IFLA election. Individuals can only serve on one IFLA committee at a time, and for a maximum of two consecutive terms. Any ALA/ACRL member may be suggested for nomination. Individual applications for nomination are also acceptable. Current incumbents who are eligible for a second term may apply for continuation.

Nominees should be experts in the field covered by the section and have a working knowledge of at least one working language of IFLA (English is an IFLA working language). Nominees should have reasonable expectation of attending meetings of the standing committee without cost to IFLA or ACRL.

Applications should include a resume reflecting expertise in field of the section, a short statement detailing the candidate’s qualifications and present position, and affirmation that the candidate can fulfill the working language and travel requirements.

Detailed information about the general appointments process is available through the ACRL Guide to Policies and Procedures.