Celebrate International Love Data Week 2024!

February 12-16, 2024 is International Love Data Week, an initiative of ICPSR at the University of Michigan. This year’s theme is My Kind of Data”, encouraging librarians to learn about data equity and inclusion, disciplinary communities, and creating a kinder world through data.

Take a look at the large variety of data products and education that ACRL provides, to see how you can they can be used at your library to improve your data collection and interpretation practices!

Project Outcome for Academic Libraries 2023 Report

ACRL is pleased to announce the publication of the fiscal year 2023 report for the Project Outcome for Academic Libraries toolkit. Data in this report includes all immediate and follow-up surveys and responses from institutions in the United States and covers the period September 1, 2022 – August 31, 2023. Download a free copy of the full report today!

Project Outcome is a FREE online toolkit designed to help libraries understand and share the impact of essential library programs and services by providing simple surveys and an easy-to-use process for measuring and analyzing outcomes. Participating libraries are also provided with the resources and training support needed to apply their results and confidently advocate for their library’s future. Project Outcome’s standardized surveys allow libraries to aggregate their outcome data and analyze trends by service topic, program type, and over time. For the first time, academic libraries can see how the outcomes of their programs and services compare across their institution, Carnegie Class, and nation.

To start measuring the impact of your library, register for Project Outcome for Academic Libraries for free today!

Subscribe to ACRL Benchmark: Library Metrics & Trends

Benchmark makes data-driven planning and advocacy easy for academic libraries. Peer comparisons, or benchmarking, can help libraries better understand their performance and can support everyday decision making, such as establishing baselines and identifying opportunities to improve services.

The data dashboards and comparison tools are robust, interactive, and user-friendly. Each visualization can be filtered by Carnegie classification (both general and detailed), country, state, survey year, and custom peer group.

Subscribe for access to:

  • A robust set of interactive data dashboards with visualizations and filters
  • A custom report builder that includes historic metrics
  • The ability to create custom peer groups for benchmarking

Threshold Achievement Test for Information Literacy (TATIL)

TATIL is a simple, easy-to-use standardized test that measures the achievement of the information literacy education outcomes, regardless of a student’s major or research focus, across four modules which address learning across all the frames in the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy. TATIL reports help educators identify student areas of strength and areas that need improvement, supporting evidence-based decision-making and inform actions for strengthening student outcomes.

Check Out a Good Book

Delve into ACRL’s catalogue of books related to data and how it can be used at your institution and in your instruction.

Open Access Publications

Recorded Webinars

ACRL & PLA Present – Data Tools for Library Groups and States
Hear ACRL and PLA staff discuss the data and assessment products, Project Outcome and Benchmark, and how they can help your group, consortia, or state library administrative agency. Libraries across the country use these tools for benchmarking, understanding trends, advocating for better resources, and assessment. Utilizing the group functionalities of these tools will allow you and your group’s member libraries to easily use peer data, standardized measurements, and robust interactive reporting tools to demonstrate the value of library programs and services.

Choice 360 Sponsored Webinar – What Libraries Need to Know Now About the Research Data Lifecycle
Learn more about Research Data Management (RDM) – funder policies, repositories, monitoring, and more. This webinar follows the researcher lifecycle via a checklist format, with anecdotes, examples, and use cases from conversations with library workers, researchers, ethics officers, the NIH, and Data Repository technologists.

ACRL NSSE What is NSSE and Why Does it Matter
The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) is an annual survey of first-year and senior students at participating four-year colleges and universities. When institutions administer NSSE, they can also select up to two topical modules for students to complete; one upcoming option is a revised version of the “Experiences with Information Literacy” module. NSSE is only one of many national assessment tools available to colleges and universities, but its longevity and national buy-in makes it a valuable tool for library assessment and advocacy. This webinar, hosted by the ACRL NSSE Information Literacy Module Review Task Force, will help librarians to understand the purpose of the NSSE survey instrument and how student engagement is measured, and to discuss how NSSE data can be used by librarians to support assessment and information literacy initiatives.

Building Your Research Data Management Toolkit – Off-RoadShow Virtual Workshop

Bring robust online learning directly to your library, consortia, or organization with ACRL’s Research Data Management RoadShow. The RDM RoadShow is an introductory level experience intended for liaisons who are seeking to engage with research data management for the first time, or who have a very basic knowledge of research data management. Attendees are not expected to have previous experience with research data management. The primary audience is subject liaison librarians; secondary audience includes senior library administrators, middle management and department heads, and technical services librarians and staff. Other campus partners such as Office of Research, Sponsored Programs, Technology Transfer, IRB, or campus IT may be interested but would be a tertiary audience. The RoadShow is available in-person or online.

ACRL invites institutions to apply to host a subsidized RDM RoadShow. As part of ACRL’s commitment to supporting institutions serving diverse communities, subsidized RoadShows are exclusively available to Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Tribal Colleges or Universities, and other minority-serving institutions. Through a cost-sharing model, ACRL covers the majority of the workshop expenses, requiring only a minimal contribution of $2,000 from successful host institutions. March 1, 2024, is the application deadline. Complete details are online!