College & Research Libraries – July 2023

The July 2023 issue of College & Research Libraries is now freely available online both as a full issue PDF and as individual articles. Visit the C&RL website for complete contents from 1939 to the present and follow C&RL on Facebook and Twitter for updates and discussion.

Guest Editorial

Craig Hadley. “Inspiration for Academic Museums: Two Decades of Academic Library Leadership Research.”


Laura Saunders. “Librarian Perspectives on Misinformation: A Follow-Up and Comparative Study.”

Megan E. Frost, Michael C. Goates, and Gregory M. Nelson. “The Benefits of Hosting a Poster Competition in an Academic Library.”

Emily Cox. “Research Outputs as Testimony & the APC as Testimonial Injustice in the Global South.”

Karleigh Riesen and Sara Maurice Whitver. “Reflection and Transfer Learning in the One-Shot: Demonstrating Student Learning.”

Stephen E. Wiberley, Deborah D. Blecic, Sandra L. De Groote, and Mary Shultz. “Publication Patterns of U.S. Academic Librarians and Libraries, 2013–2017 with Comparison to Preceding Studies.”

Kathryn Houk and Jordan Nielsen. “Inclusive Hiring in Academic Libraries: A Qualitative Analysis of Attitudes and Reflections of Search Committee Members.”

Sarah Rose Fitzgerald, Rebecca Reznik-Zellen, Suenita Berube, and Fischietto. “Semiotic Analysis of a Science Library: Inclusion and Messaging.”

Melissa H. Cantrell and Sarah Wipperman. “Open Access Author Contracts and Alignment with the Open Ethos: A Global Study.”

Book Reviews

Making with Data: Physical Design and Craft in a Data-Driven World, Samuel Huron, Till Nagel, Lora Oehlberg, and Wesley Willett, eds. (2022). Boca Raton: AK Peters/CRC Press, 2022, 392 p. $54.95 ISBN: 978-1-0321-8222-3. Reviewed by Claudia Berger.

From Educational Experiment to Standard Bearer: University 101 at the University of South Carolina. Daniel B. Friedman, Tracy L. Skipper & Catherine S. Greene, eds. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 2022. 272 pp. Paperback, $32.99, (978-1-64336-366-0). Reviewed by A. Blake Denton.

Jason N. Houle and Fenaba R. Addo. A Dream Defaulted: The Student Loan Crisis among Black Borrowers. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press, 2022. 208p. Paper, $39 ISBN: 978-1-68253-756-5. Reviewed by Kyra Hahn.

Academic Libraries and Collaborative Research Services. Carrie Forbes, ed. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2022. 312 pp. Hardcover, $150 (978-1-5381-5368-0). Reviewed by Whitney Kramer.

The Data Literacy Cookbook. Kelly Getz and Meryl Brodsky, eds. Chicago, IL: Association of College and Research Libraries, 2022. 256p. Paper, $82.00 (ISBN: 978-0-8389-3925-3). Reviewed by Andrea Malone.

Jarvis R. Givens. Fugitive Pedagogy: Carter G. Woodson and the Art of Black Teaching. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2021. Hardcover, 320 p. $36 ISBN 978-0-6749-8368-7. Reviewed by Ana Ndumu.