College & Research Libraries – July 2024

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Moira Fiscus. “Knowledge Held Hostage: What the British Library Ransomware Attack Can Teach Us.”


Leo S. Lo. “Evaluating AI Literacy in Academic Libraries: A Survey Study with a Focus on U.S. Employees.”

Jung Mi Scoulas and Sandra L. De Groote. “Use and Importance of Library Resources to Support Faculty Research and Productivity.”

María Evelia Emerson. “‘But Where Are You Really From?’: Multiracial Students, Sense of Belonging, and Academic Libraries.”

Don Latham, Melissa Gross, and Heidi Julien. “Community College Librarian Views of Student Information Literacy Needs.”

Susan Alison Bolton. “Determining Equitable Liaison Librarian Workloads: An Investigation into the Conundrum.”

LuMarie Guth and Bradford Dennis. “Student Stress and the Research Consultation: The Effect of the Research Consultation on Project Stress and Overall Stress and Applications for Student Wellness.”

Sarah Rose Fitzgerald, Christine Turner, and Anne Graham. “The Faculty Role in College Affordability: Syllabus Creation and Resource Affordability.”

Afton Fawn Ussery and Sofiya Petrova Dahman. “Growing OkraOut: A Case Study—Lessons from 5 years of Collaborative Design, Development, and Implementation while Building an LGBTQ+ Library Outreach Program.”

Book Reviews

Instructional Identities and Information Literacy: Transforming Ourselves, Volume 1, edited by Amanda Nichols Hess. ACRL, 2023. 194p. Softcover. 9780838939680 (Review 1 of a 3-volume title). Reviewed by Stephanie Cicero.

The Librarian’s Guide to Learning Theory: Practical Applications in Library Settings, Anne Medaille. ALA Editions, 2023. Softcover, 192p. $54.99. 9780838939581. Reviewed by Jess Haigh.

The Worlds I See: Curiosity, Exploration, and Discovery at the Dawn of AI, Fei-Fei Li. Flatiron Books, 2023. 324p. Hardcover, $24.99. 9781250897930. Reviewed by Raymond Pun.

The Critical Librarianship and Pedagogy Symposium: Reflections, Revisions, and New Works, edited by Yvonne Mery and Anthony Sanchez. ACRL, 2023. 220p. Softcover, $65.00. 9780838939529. Reviewed by Julie Setele.