College & Research Libraries – May 2022

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Amy Lazet and Brian M. Watson. “The Case for Retroactive Author Name Changes.”


Lisa Becksford. “Teacher, Librarian, or Both? A Quantitative Investigation of Instruction Librarians’ Teacher Identity.”

Laura Dimmit Smyth, Ian Moore, and Kodi Saylor. “‘Looking for Pictures of Clouds’: Defining the Unique Research Needs of Creative Communities.”

Rosalind Bucy. “Native American Student Experiences of the Academic Library.”

Theresa Burress. “Data Literacy Practices of Students Conducting Undergraduate Research.”

Jung Mi Scoulas and Sandra L. De Groote. “Impact of Undergraduate Students’ Library Use on Their Learning beyond GPA: Mixed-Methods Approach.”

Justin Fuhr. “Developing Data Services Skills in Academic Libraries.”

Tara Mawhinney and Sandy Hervieux. “Dissonance between Perceptions and Use of Virtual Reference Methods.”

Book Reviews

Heidi E. Buchanan and Beth A. McDonough. The One-Shot Library Instruction Survival Guide, 3rd ed. Reviewed by Melissa Anderson.

Jorge Díaz Cintas and Aline Remael. Subtitling: Concepts and Practices. Reviewed by Elizabeth Davis.

Amanda Nichols Hess. Modular Online Learning Design: A Flexible Approach for Diverse Learning Needs. Reviewed by Lauren deLaubell.

Silvia Federici. Patriarchy of the Wage: Notes of Marx, Gender, and Feminism. Reviewed by Melissa A. Hubbard.

Jamie A. Lee. Producing the Archival Body. Reviewed by Jade Levandofsky.

Jeanie Austin. Library Services and Incarceration: Recognizing Barriers, Strengthening Access. Reviewed by Megan Riley.

Jenn Shapland. My Autobiography of Carson McCullers. Reviewed by Ashley Roach-Freiman.

Assembly Codes: The Logistics of Media. Matthew Hockenberry, Nicole Starosielski, and Susan Zieger, eds. Reviewed by Lynne Stahl.

LIS Interrupted: Intersections of Mental Illness and Library Work. Miranda Dube and Carrie Wade, eds. Reviewed by Lizzy Walker.

Mariame Kaba. We Do This ’Til We Free Us: Abolitionist Organizing and Transforming Justice. Reviewed by Shawne West.

Sara Ahmed. Complaint! Reviewed by Baharak Yousefi.