College & Research Libraries – May 2024

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Kristen Totleben. “Connecting with Co-workers to Build Trust.”


Shlomit Hadad and Noa Aharony. “Librarians and Academic Libraries’ Role in Promoting Open Access: What Needs to Change?

Kathia Salomé Ibacache Oliva, Elizabeth Novosel, and Stacy Gilbert. “Exploring Social Media as an Information Source in IL Instruction.”

Matthew W. Goddard and Curtis Brundy. “Open Access Workflows for Academic Libraries.”

Felichism Kabo, Annaliese Paulson, Doreen Bradley, Ken Varnum, and Stephanie Teasley. “Longitudinal Associations between Online Usage of Library-Licensed Content and Undergraduate Student Performance.”

Jodi Allison-Bunnell, Anne Jenner, and Emily Dominick. “Leaning Into the Future, Together: Applying Business Process Management to Increase Efficiency and Manage Change in Archives and Special Collections.”

Love Börjeson, Chris Haffenden, Martin Malmsten, Fredrik Klingwall, Emma Rende, Robin Kurtz, Faton Rekathati, Hillevi Hägglöf, and Justyna Sikora. “Transfiguring the Library as Digital Research Infrastructure: Making KBLab at the National Library of Sweden.”

David J. Williams. “Inviting Knowledge: Enhancing Archival Discovery through Information Design.”

Mê-Linh Lê, Christine J. Neilson, Janice Winkler. “Benchmarking Librarian Support of Systematic Reviews in the Sciences, Humanities, and Social Sciences.”

Book Reviews

Unframing the Visual: Visual Literacy Pedagogy in Academic Libraries and Information Spaces, Maggie Murphy, Stephanie Beene, Katie Greer, Sara Schumacher, and Dana Statton Thompson (eds.), ACRL, 2024. 452p. Softcover, $108.00. 9780838939918. Reviewed by Maria Atilano.

Creators in the Academic Library: Instruction and Outreach. Alexander C. Watkins, & Rebecca Zuege Luglitsch (eds.). ACRL, 2023. 312p. Softcover, $72.00. 9780838939703. Reviewed by Andrew Beman-Cavallaro.

Scholarly Communication Librarianship and Open Knowledge, Maria Bonn, Josh Bolick, and Will Cross (eds.) ACRL, 2023, 9780838939901 Softcover, 528p., $150. Reviewed by Mahrya Burnett.