College & Research Libraries – September 2022

The September 2022 special issue of College & Research Libraries  focusing on one-shot instruction is now freely available online both as a full issue PDF and as individual articles.

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Nicole Pagowsky. “Introduction to the Special Issue: Critique as Care: Disrupting Narratives of the One-Shot Instruction Model.”

Annie Pho, Salma Abumeeiz, Kristina Vela Bisbee, Nisha Mody, Renee Romero, Wynn Tranfield, and Doug Worsham. “You Only Get One Shot: Critically Exploring and Reimagining the One-Shot Instruction Model.”

Dani Brecher Cook. “Is the Library One-Shot Effective? A Meta-Analytic Study.”

Sofia Leung. “The Futility of Information Literacy & EDI: Toward What?

Karen P. Nicholson and Maura Seale. “Information Literacy, Diversity, and One-Shot ‘Pedagogies of the Practical’.”

Zoe Bastone and Kristina Clement. “Serving Everyone or Serving No One? Examining the Faux-Equity of the One-Shot.”

Yi Ding. “Feminized Flexibility, One-Shot, and Library Professionalism: Oxymoron or Opportunity?

Veronica Arellano Douglas and Joanna Gadsby. “The Power of Presence: One-Shots, Relational Teaching, and Instruction Librarianship.”

Lalitha Nataraj and April Ibarra Siqueiros. “‘Slow Your Roll’: Making Time for Reflection and Diverse Epistemic Practices in Library Instruction.”

Nora Almeida. “Library Tautology: A Reenactment of the One-Shot.”

Urszula Lechtenberg and Carrie Donovan. “Undoing Our Instructional Past: Envisioning New Models for Information Literacy.”

Sajni Lacey. “Racial Imposter Syndrome, White Presenting, and Burnout in the One-Shot Classroom.”

Gina Schlesselman-Tarango and Monideepa Becerra. “The Critical Information Literacy Leadership Institute as Alternative to the One-Shot: Q & A with a Faculty Partner.”

Colleen Hoelscher. “One-Shots in Special Collections and Archives: Moving from Gatekeeper to Guide.”

Michele Santamaria and Jessica Schomberg. “It Doesn’t Matter How Many ‘Doses’: One-Shots Aren’t Cures.”

Book Reviews

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