C&RL News – January 2008

January 2008 CoverThe January 2008 issue of C&RL News is now available online and in the mail. As the weather gets colder (at least in places like Chicago!) and the NFL playoffs get started, many people are making last-minute adjustments to their fantasy football teams. While most likely not knowing that they are applying critical information literacy skills. Paul Waelchli examines this connection between fantasy sports and information literacy instruction in his article “Librarians’ sport of choice.” Waelchli and his colleagues at the University of Dubuque used fantasy sports as the jumping off point for teaching information literacy to incoming student athletes. Russell A. Hall provides a look at a different method of teaching information literacy, becoming “The ‘embedded’ librarian in a freshman speech class.” Hall became a full participant in a course in an attempt to become active in the entire learning and research process.

In addition to football, this January represents the start of a major national election cycle, with the Iowa caucuses kicking off the 2008 race for the White House. In this month’s Internet Resources column, Lorena O’English details a wide range of election resources on the Web. These sites can help you, and your patrons, make informed decisions before going to the polls. And please, get out and vote for the candidates of your choice. Be sure to take a look at the slate of candidates for office in the upcoming ACRL elections, as well. And take an active role in your association by voting in the ALA elections.

Feature Articles:
Librarian’s sport of choice – Paul Waelchli
Election 2008 resources (Internet Resources) – Lorena O’English
The “embedded” librarian in a freshman speech class – Russell A. Hall
University presses and scholarly communication – Michael Furlough
ACRL candidates for 2008

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