C&RL News – January 2020

The January 2020 issue of C&RL News is now freely available online. A lot of attention gets paid to communicating library activities and value across campus, but internal communication can be just as essential for success. Starting out this month’s issue, Kelly Delevan and Natalie LoRusso discuss “Library outreach as a model for staff inreach” at Syracuse University.

At Karolinska Institutet University in Sweden, librarians experimented with Facebook’s Workplace tool to share information and manage projects. Glenn Haya, Sara M. Lind, and Sara Janzen write about their project in “Using a social platform as an internal communication tool.”

On the subject of outreach, Katy Kavanaugh Webb takes a look at an evidence-based approach to working with academic departments in her article “Curriculum mapping in academic libraries revisited.”

The William & Mary Libraries built relationships on campus by providing writing support for faculty. Lisa Nickel and Tami Back discuss the project in “Faculty writing retreats in the library.” George Koors discusses how his experiences as a writing instructor and librarian inform each other in his The Way I See It essay “My life as a writing professor and research librarian.”

In this month’s Scholarly Communication column, Allison Langham-Putrow and Sunshine J. Carter discuss the possibilities of transforming open access through the “Subscribe to Open” model.

Make sure to check out the other features and departments this month, including a look at “ACRL candidates for 2020,” Internet Resources on animal law by Valerie Waldin, and information on the latest issue of our sister research journal in editor Wendi Kaspar’s C&RL Spotlight department.