C&RL News – July/ August 2008

C&RL News - July/ August 2008The July/ August 2008 issue of C&RL News is now available online and in the mail. Encouraging and developing quality research skills in students is an essential component of a successful library instruction program. Librarians at Binghamton University collaborated with classroom faculty to survey both full-time faculty and teaching assistants in order to assess how students really conduct research, and incorporated the results into their instruction program. Read about the survey results and responses in “Critical research practices at Binghamton University.”

One way is to engage and motivate students is make learning more hands-on and experiential. In her article “Service learning and engagement in the academic library,” Nancy K. Herther describes the challenges and successes of library participation in courses that promote this type of active, community-based learning. Engagement and motivation are also essential to recruiting and retaining new library professionals. The East Carolina University Joyner Library provides “A different kind of fellowship” for library support staff who are attending library school to help them gain professional-level experience. Northwestern University considered issues of motivation in reworking the training of preprofessional interns. Carol Doyle provides tips for “Rethinking preprofessional training to improve work quality” in this issue.

After a short break, C&RL News will return in September. Enjoy your summer!

Critical research practices at Binghamton University – Bern Mulligan, Kate Bouman, Susan Currie, Sean McKitrick, and Sharon Fellows
Service learning and engagement in the academic library – Nancy K. Herther
A cataloger and an archivist (Job of a Lifetime) – Ann Wheeler
A different kind of fellowship – David M. Durant, Cynthia Jones, and Stacy Bowers Baggett
Rethinking preprofessional training to improve work quality – Carol Doyle
Two new policies widen the path to balanced copyright management (Scholarly Communication) – Karla L. Hahn
The issues facing librarians and physicians (The Way I See It) – Mary Francis
Bioinformatics (Internet Resources) – Tina O’Grady
The Outreach Symposium – Yunshan Ye
ACRL membership benefits you – Mary Jane Petrowski

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