C&RL News – July/ August 2009

C&RL News - July/ August 2009The July/ August issue of C&RL News is now available online and in the mail. Summer can offer a much needed time for academic and research librarians to reflect on the just completed academic year, work on the projects left lingering on the to-do list, and plan programming for upcoming semesters. The upcoming ALA Banned Books Week, held September 26—October 3, provides an opportunity to educate the campus community about censorship and freedom of expression issues. Melissa Hubbard outlines Southern Illinois University-Carbondale’s programming in her article “Banned Books Week and the Freedom of the Press.”

Summer break also offers a time to prepare orientation sessions for new students and faculty. “The huge hubbub” by Alice Wasielewski provides tips for planning fun and informative freshman orientations. In addition to students and faculty, libraries themselves can benefit from orientation-style programs. Uta Hussong-Christian, Sue Kunda, and Hannah Gascho Rempel describe the  Oregon State University Libraries In-Service Day in “By the people, for the people.” In our continuing look at the impact of the current economic climate on academic and research libraries, Kate Joranson and Eve Wider examine ways librarians can assist students preparing for an uncertain job market in “Librarians on the case.”

Make sure to take a look at all of the other great articles and columns in this month’s issue. Thanks for reading the News!


Banned Books Week and the Freedom of the Press – Melissa A. Hubbard
The huge hubbub
– Alice Wasielewski
The Oregon State University Libraries annual In-Service Day – Uta Hussong-Christian, Sue Kunda, Hannah Gascho Rempel
Talkin’ ’bout my generation (Internet Resources) – Sidney Lowe and Susie Skarl
Librarians on the case
Vocera – Sarah Anne Murphy
The convenience of nonprobability – Dolores Skowronek and Larry Duerr


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