C&RL News – June 2008

C&RL News - June 2008The June 2008 issue of C&RL News is now available online and in the mail. Encouraging teaching faculty to incorporate library resources in their courses can sometimes be a daunting task. Getting the proper resources in the hands of students requires creative promotion and collaboration. The Ohio State University Library tackled the problem of promoting library resources in the age of Wikipedia by introducing a grant program to compensate classroom faculty (and librarians) who incorporate electronic databases into online courses. Nancy Courtney details this innovative program in her article “Paying faculty to use library resources.”

Special collections are often one of the most interesting, and overlooked, part of any research library. Cataloging and providing usable access points to archival material are the first steps in “Exposing hidden collections.” In this issue, Victoria Steele discusses efforts in bringing collections to light at UCLA. Once collections are findable, how can they be promoted to and used by the college community? Matthew Reynolds and Dale Sauter of East Carolina University write about a course project aimed at “Engaging undergraduates in special collections through English composition.”

New modes of scholarly communication can ease the barriers to access and allow for collaboration between librarians and faculty authors. Marie Garrett outlines how the University of Tennessee is participating in the future of scholarly publishing through its “Newfound Press” project.

Paying faculty to use library resources – Nancy Courtney
Recruiting and retaining academic research librarians – Teresa Y. Neely and Megan K. Beard (Our Academic Futures)
Exposing hidden collections – Victoria Steele
Engaging undergraduates in special collections through English composition – Matthew Reynolds and Dale Sauter
A call for sustainable library operations and services – Maria Anna Jankowska (The Way I See It)
Terrorism – Kay Collins (Internet Resources)
Making the Meeting – Lisa Romero
Newfound Press – Marie Garrett (Scholarly Communication)
And the winners are . . . (The official results of the 2008 ACRL elections)

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