C&RL News – November 2018

C&RL News cover November 2018

C&RL News cover November 2018The November 2018 issue of C&RL News is now freely available online. This month, we feature three articles on different aspects of information literacy (IL) instruction. In this issue’s Perspectives on the Framework column, Kristin E. C. Green writes about introducing framework concepts to novice learners in her article “Meet them in the proximal zone.

Abbie Basile and Sherry Matis review four mobile apps for IL classroom use in their ACRL TechConnect piece “Is there an app for that?” Finally, in this month’s The Way I See It essay, Dawn Stahura of Simmons College reflects on privilege in information and her use of “ACT UP for evaluating sources.

Yu-Hui Chen writes about ways “Faculty/ librarian collaborations enhance doctoral student success” through a series of doctoral discussion forums at the University at Albany, focusing on this somewhat overlooked group when it comes to library interactions.

The latest installment of our International Insights series features a look at global issues in “Academic library assessment” from Martha Kyrillidou while this month’s Scholarly Communication column examines “The state copyright conundrum,” with information on the State Copyright Resource Center from Kyle K. Courtney of Harvard University.

Student members are an essential part of the ACRL family. John P. Culshaw and Mary L. Rettig highlight a “Philanthropic partnership at the University of Iowa” that provides complementary ACRL membership to students in the university’s School of Library and Information Science.

Make sure to check out the other features and departments this month, including part two of our series by Shamika Dalton and Michelle Villagran on equity, diversity, and inclusion issues, focusing on “Minimizing and addressing microaggressions in the workplace;” the second in our series of articles focusing on the ACRL 2019 host city of Cleveland, providing recommendations for arts, culture, sports, and parks; and a look at the latest issue of College & Research Libraries by editor Wendi Kaspar.