C&RL News – September 2008

C&RL News - September 2008The September 2008 issue of C&RL News is now available online and in the mail. By September, the fall term is usually in full swing at most academic libraries. The new school year presents opportunities for new outreach and collaboration with a variety of campus partners. Looking outside the walls and Web sites of our libraries is a great way to grow professionally while promoting libraries services. In this issue, Caitlin Tillman describes the “Library orientation for professors” program at the University of Ottawa. Her article gives sound tips for new faculty orientation that can be expanded to stress the range of library services in a variety of contexts.

Our interactions with faculty aren’t limited to a quality orientation session or a well-rehearsed “elevator speech.” Librarians can also serve as catalysts for new technologies and instructional models, as Sarah Faye Cohen discusses in her article “Taking 2.0 to faculty.” Of course, in many instances, librarians are considered part of the faculty and participate in institutional governance. Laurence S. Crieder took on such a role during his “Two years with a tee-ball bat” as chair of the faculty senate at New Mexico State University.

In honor of the upcoming October celebration of Gay and Lesbian History Month, this month’s Internet Resources column focuses on “Queering the Web.” Tami Albin and Jennifer Church-Duran’s collection of resources provide an excellent starting point for researching GLBTQ history and culture. This issue also contains the first in a series of articles looking ahead to next year’s ACRL14th National Conference in Seattle and a look back at ACRL activities at the recent ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim. Make sure to take a look at all of the other great articles and columns, including an excellent overview of open access initiatives in Canada.

*Notes: Due to the continuing redesign and updating of the ALA Web site, this month’s C&RL News is available in PDF format only. We will make the issue available in the regular full text HTML format as soon as possible. Also, the cover image in this post is the correct September cover. The image on the C&RL News Web site will be updated as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Features (all links are PDF)
ACRL in Anaheim
ACRL Board of Directors’ actions, June 2008
The purposeful advocate – Erika C. Linke
Queering the Web (Internet Resources) – Tami Albin and Jennifer Church-Duran
Library orientation for professors– Caitlin Tillman
Taking 2.0 to the faculty – Sarah Faye Cohen
Two years with a tee-ball bat – Laurence S. Creider
Introducing Seattle (ACRL National Conference) – Jan Hartley and Elinor Appel
Open access and evolving scholarly communication (Scholarly Communication)– Heather Morrison and Andrew Waller
ACRL’s 2009 Awards Program – Megan Griffin

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